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  Bi-Axial Rotomoulding Machine
  Pulveriser [16 MA 400]
  Rock n Roll type
Rotomoulding Machine
Rock n Roll type Rotomoulding Machine
Rock n Roll Rotomoulding Machines.

Features :
  • Basic Frame: Made from heavy mild steel and tripodal supporting structure with all required accessories.
  • Easy To Operate: Machine operating function through digital control panel
  • Economic: Low cost more prdouction for big size hollow product.
  • Electric: All motors are ac with speed variable drive for rocking and rolling actions so that the speed can be control through the panel board. Smooth running without jerking.
  • Heating: Low pressure outside individual adjustable burners are designed user friendly for adequate use by operator with little knowledge and to ensure for effective burning, low consumption of fuel, trouble free services for long time. Its construction is simple but robust and no frequent repair is necessary. Also flexbility to change from gas fired to diesel fired system.
  • Cooling: Cooling station with rolling drive, steel structure, and high efficiency industrial cooling fan for fast cooling.
  • 0% Rejection: Process fully visual so that very less chances in rejection of products. higher production and less break down & maintenance.
  • Accessories: [Optional] penumatic second charging [pneumaticaly operated] unit for adding second /third layer resin by operators comfortably..
Salient Features of Rock n Roll Rotomoulding Machines.


Most economical sturdy rotomoulding machine to produce large size hollow  product up to 40000 ltr.  / 10000 usg capacity


Suitable for large size cylindrical vertical container and other similar products. Also used for roto lining of products.

Technical Specification :

  L B H L B H
NAROTO-RR-011 3.5 2 1.5 3.5 4 1.5
NAROTO-RR-022 3.8 2.3 1.7 3.8 4.6 1.7
NAROTO-RR-055 5 3 2 5 6 2
NAROTO-RR-110 7 3.7 3 7 7.4 3
NAROTO-RR-220 7.5 4.2 3.3 7.5 8.4 3.3
NAROTO-RR-330 8 4.8 3.5 8 9.6 3.5
NAROTO-RR-440 8 4.8 3.5 8 9.6 3.5

Technical Specifications of Rock n Roll Rotomoulding Machines.

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